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We're always looking for freelance photographers and interns to help us document the goings-on of Philadelphia's varying weekend scenes. Send us an email with "Photography Staff" in the subject line (and some samples of your work) to apply. If we determine that you possess an actual camera and not just a really, really sweet Instagram collection, we'll get back to you.


If you'd like to submit random photos of your weekend for inclusion on the site, please send us a link to the images in question (we prefer Flickr, Twitter or other legitimate photo sharing sites) via email. Be sure to give us some context on what they are, why you thought we'd like them and (most importantly) how to contact you in case we choose to post them in a gallery. Note: We do not accept email attachments.


Know of an upcoming event that you think we should photograph or mention to our followers on Twitter? Tweet the info to @heyphillydotcom or send us an email - we're always open to suggestions.


Are we missing a local watering hole that you think should be included in the Bar Finder? Definitely let us know. Did your search for "fine spirits" yield a bunch of horribly misguided suggestions? We may disagree with your input, but it's still appreciated--so let us know.


For information on advertising, sales, press or partnership opportunities, please contact editorial@aycmedia.com.


For all other inquiries (complaints, praise, photo removal requests, questions about our physical appearance, etc.), just drop us a line and we'll address your issue as soon as we can.

EMAIL: editorial@heyphilly.com
PHONE: 215.713.3866 x611